SDP 2020 fair - April 10th

Welcome to the reference page for the virtual SDP fair to happen online on April 10th 2020. This page will be regularly updated with relevant information.

What is SDP ?

It’s a third year group course, called System Design Project during which students build, document and market a large scale system. The course ends with the annual System Design Project Trade Fair, where the student groups show off the systems they have built for the course to industry guests as well as any interested member of staff who would drop by and have a look at the projects. Next week we will invite you to see the projects online. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions – and judge. Watch this space for more info!

How is the event going to be run ?

From Thursday 9th of April, 4pm, you will be able to navigate through the different websites designed by the students that introduce their projects (see below).

At the bottom of the present webpage a comment section will appear. You will be able to use it to ask general questions and provide comments on the SDP class in general. Each group website will also propose a public comment section where you will be able to ask specific questions to each group. We encourage you to remain polite and positive when providing those comments!

In the meantime, you will be asked to vote for your favorite SDP project in the hope that it will be awarded with the public choice award during the prize ceremony, to happen at 4.30 pm on April 10th. To vote for your favorite project, use this poll between 10 am and 4 pm on Friday 10th.

How to access to the websites ?

On Thursday, 9th of April, 4pm, this section will be updated with direct links to individual websites presenting the work of the 20 student groups that worked this year.

Number Group Name Logo
1 HelioPot g1 logo
2 Phate 1 g2 logo
3 Sign Coach g3 logo
4 Sprout.ed g4 logo
5 Omni-Opener g5 logo
6 IAN g6 logo
7 Infinitables g7 logo
8 Recyclotron g8 logo
9 e1E10 g9 logo
10 Louis g10 logo
11 McJaffa g11 logo
12 Dexter g12 logo
13 RemindDoor g13 logo
14 Souschef g14 logo
15 Detroit g15 logo
16 Bookbot g16 logo
17 Dots g17 logo
18 Autovalet g18 logo
19 Cardibot g19 logo
20 Findo g20 logo

For the public - general comments:

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Jury and students only - access to private comments:

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